Why Savio Thesan USA

A Long Tradition of Innovation
Luigi Savio was a master craftsman who flourished during the era of the Eiffel Tower and the Margherita pizza. Adept at manufacturing hardware, he combined his natural talent for business with his craftsmanship and founded Savio in 1889. His entrepreneurial spirit carried the company to great heights since then.

In 1970, the company grew faster and quickly broke various business records. By 1971, it launched its arm for window fitters. A few years later, in 1977, the company saw the release of its first tilt-and-turn door. Today, the company continues to grow while focusing on innovation and quality.
Savio views innovation and quality as integral parts of each other. With thorough research and understanding of the requirements of the industry, we are able to revolutionize our products. Our exemplary creations quickly become industry standard, raising the bar for quality worldwide.

Savio Thesan USA has brought the same views as our Italian colleagues to North America. Our goal is to challenge the status quo of the window and door hardware category and continue to create innovative products for our customers here in North America.